The spread of COVID-19 has presented new challenges and changes to our daily lives. Globalsound Studio is proud of the wonderful community of students, families, and musicians that we have built together over the last twelve years. We are thrilled to continue that community through our new virtual lessons program. As of this writing, the studio has taught over 500 virtual lessons!

We are dedicated to providing our students the best music education through remote learning. Our staff has worked tirelessly to set up remote lessons for our hundreds of students. If you have any questions regarding our new virtual lessons program, please feel free to contact us by calling 303-439-7956 or emailing us at

Help spread the word about Globalsound Studio by tagging us in your social media posts! We have seen many wonderful photos of our students practicing from the safety of their homes. As social distancing continues, we are all looking for ways to maintain connections to our community. Music has the power to connect us all and encourages creativity and inspiration during difficult days.

Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time. Our students and families bring joy to our lives each and every day. Keep practicing, keep playing, keep learning.

Thank you,

-The Globalsound Family