Meet Riley Selleck, our newest Guitar/Bass/Drum instructor!

Riley Selleck is a drummer, guitarist, and bassist from Denver with 8 years teaching experience. Staring on drums and then expanding his skills with guitar and bass, he grew into playing technical music (primarily metal) after developing a solid rock-based background.

Throughout high school, he played in marching band and developed his skills on the marimba and other percussion instruments. After going to music school at the University of Denver (jazz program), he toured the U.S. and Canada with the band Source for 2 years. He now plays with the bands: Lightstory, Thicker Skin, Last Chance Texaco, and Rattlehead who all play shows in the Denver area.

“Teaching has always been a central part of my life as a musician. Helping young (and older) people find their unique voice through their instrument is one of the most rewarding facets of my musical life.”