Globalsound: Not Your Average Summer Camp

AOR summerRock Music Summer Camp in Broomfield CO

Globalsound Studio’s Academy of Rock Summer Camps are a unique experience kids will never forget. What starts out as a music camp has a lasting impact on their lives and motivates them to reach their full music potential.

At our summer rock band camp sessions,  our experienced and professional instructors train participants in all aspects of what it takes to become professional performing and recording artist. Here’s a quick overview of what our summer camp participants accomplish in their week together as a band:

Select songs by famous bands they want to learn and perform

  • Rehearse as a band, learning teamwork and collaboration along the way
  • Write their own original song together as a band
  • Record their original song in our professional recording studio
  • Perform in front of a live audience of fans.

Singing Camps

Singing summer camps are perfect for students who want to improve their vocal skills and learn to sing their favorite songs. Singing summer camps also include professional recording and performance.

More Than Just a Summer Camp

A passion for music brings our summer camp participants together for a week, but their experience last much longer than that. Throughout the Academy of Rock program, we focus on developing skills beyond just playing an instrument or singing. We teach students how to develop their original ideas by teaching song writing, song arranging, melody construction, rhythm coordination, and soloing. Students are motivated to work harder, and their skills progress at a faster rate than when they’re just playing alone. Students also learn important life skills through the Academy of Rock summer camps, including team building, creativity, and collaboration. Our unique summer music camp program allows kids of all skill levels to express themselves creatively in a productive, positive, and safe environment.


Summer Camp Registration

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