New Year’s is a time for new beginnings and new possibilities. For musicians, it’s the perfect time to make some musical resolutions! Here are some of our favorite New Year’s resolutions than any musician can work towards.

Create a Practice Routine You Can Stick With

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“Practice more” is always a great resolution. But you’ll be more successful if you resolve to establish a specific practice routine that is both challenging and doable for you.

Evaluate your weekly schedule and choose 3-4 days and times that work best. Resolve to practice on these days from between a 1/2 hour to an hour during each session. You can alternate longer practice periods with shorter ones – whatever works best for your schedule. Put those times on your calendar and treat them like any other commitment.

Stick to your new schedule until it becomes routine. Don’t be afraid to tweak your days/times to better fit your schedule either! Finding what works best for you and being consistent is how you’ll achieve real and lasting results. 

Choose a Challenging Piece to Master

Is there a challenging song you’ve always dreamed of playing? New Year’s is a great time to resolve to mastering something tough. The best way to achieve success is to break down your challenging song into sections and focus on the most manageable first. Check in with your teacher about scales and technical exercises that will help prep you towards completing your chosen piece. Resolve to dedicate consistent time with your piece during your practice routine – you’ll make progress quicker than you might think! 

Learn Songs from a New Genre

Nothing inspires more creativity than learning about something new. It’s easy to stick to the techniques, tricks, and styles that you’ve already mastered. However, sticking to just one style of playing limits your capabilities and gets boring quickly. Instead of reaching for the tried-and-true, dig a little deeper and find songs in a new style of music to start playing.    

Learn a New Instrument

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Who says you have to choose just one instrument? Spending time learning another instrument can open you up to new ways of thinking about and playing music. Take a stringed instrument if you’ve always played percussion. Or add vocals to your piano or guitar playing. You might be inspired to switch instruments or you might pick up some new skills that can aid your success in your primary instrument. 

Perform in Front of Others

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the stage, resolving to play music in front of others is a great goal to work towards. Whether it’s playing at a new venue, performing at an open mic, or signing up for one of Globalsound’s student showcases, having a gig to work towards will help you reach the next level of your musicianship.  

Join a Band

Joining a band is a great way to broaden your musical skills. You get exposed to new people, new instruments, new styles of playing….plus it’s a blast! Interested in playing in a band? Check out Globalsound Studio’s Rock Band Program and read more about the benefits of playing in a band here!