Globalsound Bands Play at Family Fun Run

Dear Lydia,

I just wanted to express to you and your AMAZING students how much we appreciated you performing at our Family Fun Run 5K.  The kids are incredibly talented and it made the whole experience so much better.  It felt like a party atmosphere.  We would absolutely love it if your students would be willing to perform at future events at our school.  I can’t tell you enough how much everyone enjoyed it and how many comments I got from people about how good the kids were.  Thanks, again for being at our event and for your support of our school!

Leigh N. Florita, Junior High Principal

The Academy of Charter Schools

Westminster CO

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Globalsound Studio, a premier music school in Broomfield, has many very experienced and talented student bands whose live music adds fun and excitement to community events, such as the Family Fun Run 5K for The Academy of Charter Schools in Westminster. Globalsound Studio is located in Broomfield, and serves the areas of Westminster, Arvada, Erie, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, and Boulder areas. Grounded in helping local artists pursue their musical aspirations, Globalsound’s music school offers a variety of music lessons for kids, adults, and teens.

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