Learn to create and record your own music from the ground up! Whether you’re a vocalist, an instrumentalist, neither, or both, you can learn to create and record music in our music production courses!

Winter term 2023  (9-Week term)
1 . 5 hour classes each Tuesday night

Winter term: Tuesdays 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21
Intro to Music Production
classes held on Tuesday evening from 7:00pm-8:30pm,
Cost: $375

This is an introduction course with no prior experience required. Learn the basics of Pro Tools, an industry standard recording software. There is no special equipment required, all the student needs is a laptop. A computer audio interface and a MIDI controller are recommended for more options but we do have some on hand that students can use in class. Price includes 3 month subscription to Pro Tools.


Students will learn the basics of:
• Navigating Pro Tools, an industry leading music recording software, or DAW (digital audio workstation).
• Create their own songs from scratch
• Record their own audio
• Program their own music
• Edit and mix their songs

Minimum laptop requirements:
• PC with Windows 10
• Mac with Mac OS X 10.11.6 or higher
• Intel® i5 processor or higher
• 4GB RAM (8GB or more is recommended)
• Minimum of 15GB disk space for installation
• Remember to bring power supply

-Students will receive an iLok code at the term start so they can install ‘Pro Tools Artist’. If they do not have an audio interface, they will need to install  ‘ASIO4ALL’ driver (allows Pro Tools to function without the need of a hardware interface)

-A computer audio hardware interface is not required, but is recommended. We have audio interfaces and midi controllers available for use in class. We also sell the hardware and controllers in our Globalsound store.
-Pro Tools membership lasts 3 months

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We can’t wait to see you in our classes! This is a great opportunity for musicians to expand their skills and flex their creativity and we’re proud to be providing these courses for our Globalsound students.

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