Drum Lessons for All Levels


Beginning Drum Lessons

When a student begins drum lessons at Globalsound, we get to know their musical interests and learning style. Drum lessons are then customized so that students learn at a pace that’s right for them. Using a series of basic coordination beats, with basic rudiments, we put them on a curriculum that will lead them to be able to play the style of music they’re most interested in. Our experienced teachers help students choose songs they like and that are suitable for their current skill level.

Advanced Drum Lessons

When a student masters the basic coordination beats or when they come in with previous experience, we assess where they are currently, offer any of the beginner techniques they may have missed, and move on designing a curriculum for them containing the “next step” of coordination building. We have a series of beats designed specially to teach certain techniques on a more basic level before putting it to application in the context of a song from an artist they enjoy. Students’ musical interests are more applicable to an advanced drum curriculum as they may like music that has double kick pedal, or other specific techniques we can help them focus in on. Rudiments and advanced techniques are a focus of drum lessons throughout the student’s development, as well as the use of a metronome to further advance their learning.

Serving Students of All Abilities

At Globalsound Studio, we welcome students of all abilities. From the student who’s shown an interest in music their entire life to the one who just woke up yesterday with a  desire to play, our specialty is in developing an absolute love of music for all our students. Our instructors have experience working with students of all learning styles and learning disabilities. Students who are visually or hearing impaired, are Autistic, ADD, ADHD, or have Dyslexia have achieved much success learning and performing their instrument at Globalsound.

Interested in Drum Lessons at Globalsound?

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We’re open Monday through Friday 11:30AM to 8:00PM and Saturday 10:00AM to 3:00PM.
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