Bass lessons at Broomfield music school


Beginning Bass Lessons

When a student begins bass guitar lessons at Globalsound, we get to know their individual level, musical interests, and learning style. Bass lessons are then customized so that the student learns at a pace that’s right for them, using music they’re most interested in. Beginning students will learn the basics of playing the bass guitar.

Advanced Bass Guitar Lessons

Once our students have mastered the basics of the bass, our instructors will move them into more advanced techniques and further their soloing abilities. While focusing on their favorite style of music, the student will learn techniques involved in those styles. At Globalsound, we respect each student’s creativity and style, encouraging them to develop to their full musical potential.

Serving Students of All Abilities

At Globalsound Studio, we welcome students of all abilities. From the student who’s shown an interest in music their entire life to the one who just woke up yesterday with a  desire to play, our specialty is in developing an absolute love of music for all our students. Our instructors have experience working with students of all learning styles and learning disabilities. Students who are visually or hearing impaired, are Autistic, ADD, ADHD, or have Dyslexia have achieved much success learning and performing their instrument at Globalsound.

Interested in Bass Guitar Lessons at Globalsound?

Contact us to schedule a free tour, we’d love to show you our facility!
We’re open Monday through Friday 11:30AM to 8:00PM and Saturday 10:00AM to 3:00PM.
We’d love to show you our large and comfortable lesson rooms, our performance hall, and our professional recording studio.

Visit our Private Lessons Overview page to learn more about our schedule and fees for bass guitar lessons.