Developing Passion for Music

Both my sons attend Globalsound studio for both private lessons and for their Music Academy. The instructors are enthusiastic and great with kids. My kids really look up to their instructors. My oldest son (12) takes bass and drum lessons with Mateo. He has been with him for almost 3 years. Mateo has been an excellent role model and very encouraging. My youngest son (9) takes both keys from Marisa and electric guitar with Matt. He has also shown significant improvement with these instructors and really enjoys his lessons.

They have both really progressed as a musicians and have developed a real passion for music. They both have been given many opportunities to perform individually during showcases and to build their confidence in playing for an audience. In the Music Academy they have been able to meet other kids that share a love of music and been given to opportunity to create a band and learn songs and even create new original songs.

They really enjoy this process and never want to miss a single session. The owners and staff are all very helpful and friendly and go above and beyond for the students. I would highly recommend this school/experience to any children with an interest in usic.

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