More Gift Ideas from Our Globalsound Store

Last week we brought you gift ideas for the musician in your life selected by our very own Globalsound instructors. This week, we’re taking a look at what’s available right here in our Globalsound store!

Holiday shopping means more errands to run. Save an extra trip this season and browse our selection of gear and gift items the next time you visit our studio. From basics like picks and sticks to quality pedals and speakers to a wide variety of instruments, our Globalsound store has everything a young musician needs to build the skills necessary to become a great performer.


For Guitarists and Bassists

Strings, picks, capos – guitarists and bassists sure have a lot of accessories! Fortunately, all of these essentials and more are available at our front lobby. 

Picks $.55 – $4.99. From basic colors to cool alien designs to the Pick of Destiny itself. Perfect for stocking stuffers!

Strings $5.99 – $29.99. Every guitarist needs a back-up set of strings! We have a huge selection – from basic nylon to bright neon colored ones.    

Capos $19.99. Always essential for the acoustic guitarist. Available in a wide variety of colors. 

Straps $6.99 – $19.99. A huge variety in all sizes, colors and patterns.

Strap Locks. $19.99. In gold, chrome and black.

Guitar Wall Hangars. A great way to display your instrument!

Pedals $96.99 – $153.99. Take your tone to the next level. We carry a Digital Delay, Electro Harmonix Looper, Cry Baby Wah and more. 


For Drummers

Percussionists certainly appreciate these essential items.

Stick Bags $15.99. Tired of losing loose sticks? Keep them together with our handy stick bag. 

Sticks $6.99 – $19.99. From basic wooden ones to light-up Firestix. You can never have too many!

Drum Keys $3.99 – $8.50. Great for stocking stuffers!


For any musician

Microphones $55.99. For singers and live performances, mics are essential. Our Shure SM58 is a great, versatile dynamic mic. 

Headphones $29.99-$69.99. Quality headphones for professional listening.

Earplugs $17.99 – $20.99. Cheap foam ones won’t protect your hearing! Every musician needs a quality pair of earplugs.  

Globalsound Merch. Show your Globalsound spirit! Clothing, beanies, water bottles and more are available at our store. 


Instrument Starter Packs

Give the gift of music these season with our starter packs! We’ve made it easy to learn a new instrument by creating bundles for guitar, piano, ukulele and more.