As the seasons turn colder, our outdoor showcases will become harder for students and staff to comfortably perform in. We’re excited to announce that we will once again be holding our showcases on our indoor performance stage!

To make our showcases safe and fun for everyone, we have implemented new policies and procedures. The following measures will be taken to limit the total number of people in the building and to give time for the air to circulate in the studio area during and between showcases:

  • Each teacher will have twice as many showcase slots for students to perform in.
  • Showcases will run no longer than half an hour.
  • No more than seven students will perform in a given showcase slot.
  • Students may bring no more than four family members to the showcase. Family members will have to RSVP beforehand to attend. 

In addition, we will be taking the following steps to help ensure a safe performance:

  • The back door will be left open during performances for better air circulation.
  • Air filters from classrooms will be brought into the performance hall.
  • Students and parents will follow one-way arrows to exit and enter the building.
  • Students and family will sit together in grouped seating areas six feet apart from other attendees.
  • Singers will perform in front of a plexiglass shield.
  • Mic covers will be used for each singer.
  • Equipment will be sanitized between performances.

As always, we will continue to enforce our normal safety procedures. These include the following:

  • Mandatory handwashing at our touchless station before entering the building
  • Temperature checks taken for all students and parents before entering the building
  • Masks must be warn by all students and parents during the showcase. Singers can take masks off once they are behind the plexiglass shield on the stage.

Thanks so much for continuing to support our studio and our students’ musical growth by participating in our showcases! We’re looking forward to safely returning to the indoor stage. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 303-439-7956.

Thank you,

The Globalsound Family