“I NEVER had this opportunity when I was taking lessons!”

We’ve heard Globalsound Studio teachers express this sentiment over and over regarding our student showcases. Three times a year, our students have the opportunity to get up on stage and show their friends and family the musical skills they’ve acquired during their weekly lessons. Our showcases have grown tremendously in size and scope, with most of our teachers now filling multiple time slots with young performers. Close to 200 students perform during our two day showcases!

Why do we offer so many performances? Because performing is a crucial skill for musicians that has the power to positively impact other areas of their lives. Our showcases provide a special opportunity for students to grow musically and gain valuable life skills.  


Unlimited Access to a Stage Gives Our Students Unique Opportunities


Most of our teachers took private music lessons during their formative years, usually in the instructor’s home or a small studio room. Because of the logistical difficulties involved, most instructors who teach in-home or at smaller studios do not hold recitals more than once a year.

Globalsound Studio gives our students a truly unique advantage – a professional stage and sound system within our studio walls. This provides both convenience in scheduling recitals and the ability to offer multiple performing opportunities to our students each year.

It’s not just during the showcase that our students have access to the stage. During weekly lessons leading up to their performance, our instructors set aside time for students to practice on the stage. Not only does this help our students confront stage jitters, it builds familiarity with the equipment, lighting and feel of the stage itself.  

 “One of my first performances was in front of 500 people and I had never been coached about how to properly sing into the mic while playing piano. It was definitely intimidating! My performing skills would have been light-years ahead if I had had more frequent access to a stage,” says piano and voice instructor Meaghan Lillis.  

Performing Takes Practice

and Practice Makes Progress

Are performers born or are they made? This question sparks continuous debate and will probably never be fully settled. However, one thing is certain: building performance skills requires continual practice. 

Just like any other skill, performance abilities improve the more frequently one performs in front of others. Our showcases ensure that our students have plenty of opportunities to hone techniques that make for great performances.

Our teachers spend lesson time implementing tried and true strategies to make for more relaxed and engaging performances. Visualization, techniques to calm jitters, and ability to recover from mistakes in the moment are all part of the lessons leading up to a showcase.

The more our students play their songs on a stage (not just at home or in a lesson), the more comfortable and confident they become. Many of our students have performed solo over a dozen times in just a few short years of lessons! 

“It’s not just the showcase; it’s the process of the showcase,” says head instructor Mateo McDonald. “From song choice to memorization to stage presence,” everything that goes into a performance helps our progress musically.

Plus, having an upcoming performance motivates to students to practice their instrument more. “The showcases help students realize if I practice a lot, it makes a difference,” says guitar/bass/drums instructor Don Taylor.   

Performing Builds Coping Skills

in Other Areas of Life

Do you have stage fright? You’re not alone. Many people claim public speaking to be one of their greatest fears. 

Getting up on stage in front of a crowd of people is an anxiety-provoking experience. Not every music student will go on to become a professional musician. But no matter your chosen profession, the ability to perform in anxiety-provoking situations is an invaluable skill. 

Performing music builds confidence and helps students face their fears. It teaches them coping skills in stressful situations. It lets them see progress in their abilities and the cumulative value of dedicated hard work. 

It is never to early to start learning these skills! That’s why we encourage all of our students, no matter their age or skill level, to get up on the stage.

“These showcases give students the opportunity to create a goal and see it through. They have a chance to step outside their comfort zone, whether they are a child or an adult,” says piano/voice/guitar instructor Maria Garcia. 

Frequent Performances Builds Community

We love sharing our student’s talents with others! Performing provides a sense of what it’s like to be a musician outside of the walls of the classroom. “Private lessons can be isolating. Young musicians can be inspired by seeing other musicians perform,” says Maria Garcia.

We are always so proud of our students each and every showcase. It takes guts and grit to be able to get up onstage and play music in front of strangers. The more showcases our students perform in, the more we see them blossom, both as musicians and and as individuals.