“Graduating from the School of Rock” Features Globalsound Bands

Our Academy of Rock students were featured in an article in the Broomfield Enterprise. Please read below.

Graduating from ‘school of rock’

Homegrown bands close out Broomfield Summer Concert Series

By Dylan Otto Krider Enterprise Staff Writer
Posted: 07/26/2012

Academy of Rock Elite Band, Altitude
Academy of Rock Elite Band, Altitude. Photo by Daniel Hirsh.

Globalsound Studio has always gone beyond the typical piano lesson.

The founder, Lydia Fiore, first converted her music studio into a School of Rock, like the Jack Black movie.

“We added the private lessons later,” Fiore said.

She focused on the music kids listened to rather than forcing them to play Mozart and Beethoven. And when they got good enough, Fiore acted as a manager, booking shows and live performances — the kind of thing a lot of struggling musicians fight for the opportunity to get.

Five bands will add the Summer Concert Series at the Broomfield Amphitheater to that list. Twisted Grin, Altitude, Love and Despair and Activity 12 will be among those performing.

After enrolling in around three sessions, the instructor can decide if a continuing band is ready to perform. As for the criteria they use, Fiore said, “When they’re really, really good … The longer they stay together, the better chance they have of becoming a continuing band.”

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