Imagine being able to play piano with only one hand. Would you continue practicing? Rowan Granger did. Not only did she keep practicing, she became a stronger and more skilled pianist than ever before.

Last year, Rowan suffered a bout of juvenile arthritis, causing immobility in her left hand. Despite the pain, Rowan never stopped practicing piano. She kept learning melodies in her right hand, building her technique and speed. She even single-handedly performed “Yellow Submarine” in our November showcase.

After months of recovery, Rowan was finally able to play piano with both hands. She quickly rebuilt strength and started tackling more challenging songs. On March 8th, she performed “Rewrite the Stars” at our voice and piano showcase. You can see her revisiting the song during her virtual lesson in the link below!

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Rowan also joined her first 6 Week Session Band! Rowan’s spirit and dedication are truly admirable. She reminds us that determination can see us through even the toughest of times.