Two years of lessons isn’t a very long time. For Keara Ferriter, it’s long enough be on her way to joining our Advanced Band Program

Keara has become a regular player in our 6-Week Session bands. During her two years of lessons at Globalsound Studio, Keara has played guitar in at least five different sessions. In addition to guitar, Keara has recently taken up the drums. This talented 15-year-old has progressed rapidly over a single year of drum lessons. In fact, Keara will be debuting her percussion skills as the drummer for the band Overamplified in our upcoming Fall 6-Week Session!

Stay tuned to hear more from Keara and Overamplified, who will soon be graduating into our Advanced Band program!

Congratulations to Keara for everything you’ve accomplished! Globalsound Studio is proud of all your hard work.