Gus Glass has been taking lessons at Globalsound Studio for 5 years. In that time, he has mastered two different instruments and become a regular participant in our 6 Week Session Bands and Summer Camps.
13-year-old Gus has studied drums and bass since 2016. He has excelled at both instruments, demonstrating a passion and drive to master new techniques and difficult material.
Gus has joined multiple 6 Week Session Bands and Summer Camps over the years. He excels as musician and proven himself to be a kind and respectful bandmate. In addition, Gus signed up for his school’s band program this year.
For his latest showcase, Gus tackled ‘Sir Duke’ by Stevie Wonder. This classic tune has a very challenging interlude that Gus not only mastered, but performed wonderfully.
Gus continues to show dedication to his craft and a desire to take on new challenges. He has impressed both his music teachers and peers with his talent and good nature. Gus is certain to continue excelling at his musical endeavors in the future.