This month’s star student is the lead singer and guitarist of our Advanced Band Sirens. That’s a big accomplishment but it’s only the beginning of Grace’s many musical achievements.

Grace is an intuitive multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. She is currently taking an hour and half of lessons per week and has excelled at all instruments she studies. Grace has demonstrated particular skill in her vocal abilities. She has an exceptional sense of pitch, timing, and vocal texture, making her an engaging and captivating lead singer.
Grace is also very innovative song writer and arranger. She’s written and performed original songs both with Sirens and in her own solo projects. Even more impressive, Grace is a developing producer who is building a home studio for future recordings. Grace currently has a song that she wrote, arranged, and plays all the instruments on that is being featured on an Indie Americana Song Writers radio program. Her song is can be heard on 35 radio stations across the U.S.A. and internationally.
Grace gigs professionally around the Front Range area, both with Sirens and her solo work. She currently has solo shows lined up later in the summer. You can also see what she’s up to on Siren’s Facebook page.
Grace has demonstrated musical skill both technically and expressively and continues to develop a unique and memorable style. It’s clear her talent and drive will be recognized and celebrated in the future.