Vocalist and keyboardist Evelyn Feauto has a unique accomplishment – she’s been the lead singer for TWO of our Advanced Bands. And that’s only the start of her many musical accomplishments.
In just five years of lessons at our studio, Evelyn blazed through all levels of our program. After joining multiple Summer Camps and performing in many student showcases, Evelyn signed onto our Advanced Band program. Formerly the vocalist for Soundproof, Evelyn recently stepped in to become the lead singer of The Outbreak. Check out the photo from her recent gig at the Broomfield Amphitheater with The Outbreak above.
Outside of the band, Evelyn displays a commitment to musical growth in multiple areas. Evelyn consistently chooses to tackle tough material during her private lessons. She understands advanced theory, sight-singing, and can sing and play piano with ease. Evelyn boasts a wide variety of musical influences, ranging from jazz to riot grrl to indie singer-songwriters like Mitski. Her musical taste informs her writing and performing style, inspired her bandmates and teachers alike.
Evelyn’s fabulous talent and interest in a variety of genres has propelled her into advanced artistry. At just fifteen years of age, she’s achieved a lot and is developing into a unique and highly skilled musician. Stay tuned for more shows, songs, and achievements from Evelyn and The Outbreak this summer.
Congratulations to Evelyn for everything you’ve accomplished! Globalsound Studio is proud of all your hard work.