Congratulations to March’s GlobalStar Student Eric Schnell!

Eric is a talented and energetic drummer who has grown up here at Globalsound Studio. He played in the pit in marching band for 4 years where he participated in a variety of performances and competitions. He also played percussion in concert band adding to his extensive on-stage experience over the years. At Globalsound Eric has played in our summer camp Rock Band program when he was younger, and you can always count on seeing him rockin’ it at every showcase. Eric has dedicated his time to honing his drumming skills and continues to grow and develop. He is a rocker at heart and some of his strongest influences include Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Dio, Focus, and plenty of classic rock. Eric’s passion has helped him become the drummer he is today, and we are very grateful to have him as part of our Globalsound family.
Congratulations, Eric!