Many budding musicians dream of attending the Berklee School of Music. For Daniel Chouinard, that dream has become a reality. This talented 18-year-old will soon be a Cello Performance Major at the prestigious college. Our instructor Matt Gader, who has taught Daniel bass for over 4 years, isn’t surprised. “Daniel is one of the best students I have taught on any instrument,” he says.

Daniel’s list of musical accomplishments is long and varied. He’s been a member of his school’s orchestra for 5 years. Additionally, Daniel plays in the orchestra pit for musical theater performances. Daniel’s talents have even taken him to the Denver Young Artists Orchestra, where he has performed cello for three years now.

Daniel is equally experienced on the bass. He joined Globalsound Studio’s Advanced Band Program as the bass player for Eclipse for two and a half years. Daniel also plays electric bass in his school jazz program. His musical influences are wide and varied – rock, funk, metal, jazz fusion, and classical are all styles that inspire him.

Helping students like Daniel reach their full musical potential is what makes teaching so rewarding. We’re proud of his truly outstanding accomplishments and know that he has a bright future in music ahead of him.

Daniel hasn’t skipped a beat during social distancing – he’s continued remote bass lessons with instructor Matt Gader