Cooper Tarr comes from a musical family, so it’s only natural that he excels at his own musical endeavors. Cooper started guitar lessons at just seven years of age. Now ten years old, Cooper has shown consistent dedication and creativity during his three years of lessons.

Cooper is a big fan of rock music and has studied a variety of styles in the genre. He’s covered everything from classic rock, 80’s greats, Rage Against the Machine licks, and nu metal. Cooper never shies away from challenges. He takes on tough tunes, including ‘Cities On Flame with Rock and Roll’ by Blue Oyster Cult. Recently, Cooper has been mastering ‘Asking For It’ by Shinedown.

Cooper is inventive with his chord voicings and playing style. He experiments with harmonics and other advanced techniques – before being instructed to do so in his formal lessons. Cooper has a great ear and is able to pick out melodies on the first try. In addition, Cooper recently started experimenting with songwriting, recording his own tunes using Garageband.

Cooper has participated in our student showcases and is always up for a new challenge. We can’t wait to see Cooper will accomplish next!

Congratulations to Cooper for everything you’ve accomplished! Globalsound Studio is proud of all your hard work.