It’s not unusual for our students to enjoy a variety of musical genres. However, few students have musical talent and taste as eclectic as Blake Liebentritt.

Blake has taken lessons at Globalsound Studio for five years. He studies guitar, drums, and voice and excels at all three instruments. Blake joined our Advanced Band Program as the drummer for SoundProof – check out the photo of him below rocking the kit at Hoffbrau Colorado!

Blake is up for learning just about any genre of music. Indie Rock? Blake crushed the guitar part for ‘Cigarette Daydreams’ by Cage the Elephant at the last student showcase. Hip-hop of all eras? Blake’s taken on guitar parts from MF Doom and vocals from Childish Gambino songs. 90’s Rock and Classic? Blake’s mastered tunes like ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Schism’. He’s equally comfortable playing punk-rock with SoundProof and singing vocals to Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette’.

Blake is getting ready to sing a version ‘Won’t Live Here’ by R&B artist Daniel Caesar for our next student showcase. We’re sure this talented 15-year-old will impress us with more musical accomplishments in the future.

Congratulations to Blake for everything you’ve accomplished! Globalsound Studio is proud of all your hard work. Check out SoundProof’s latest song below: