Need the perfect holiday gift for the musician in your life but don’t have a clue what musicians actually need? Look no further. We’ve checked in with our teachers and staff to bring you our list of affordable accessories and essentials tools, all of which are available in our Globalsound Store. From stocking stuffers to great gear upgrades, our gift guide has everything musicians want for the holidays!

For Guitar Players

  • Picks. Always a useful stocking stuffer! From basic colors to cool custom designs, picks are always a great gift choice.  
  • Pick Packs. A great way to keep track of those easy-to-lose picks! 
  • Strings. Every guitarist needs a back-up set of strings. We have a huge selection – from basic nylon to bright neon colored ones.    
  • CaposAlways essential for the acoustic guitarist. Available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Glass Slide. Add a little twang to your tone with this fun accessory. 
  • Snark Tuners. We highly recommend these easy-to-use clip-on tuners. Tunes any string instrument quickly and accurately. 
  • Guitar Straps. We carry a huge variety in all sizes, colors and patterns. A fun way to add variety and style to your instrument!  
  • Strap Locks. In gold, chrome and black.
  • Guitar Stands. Keep your guitar visible and ready-to-practice at a moments notice.    
  • Guitar Wall Hangars. A cool, classy way to display your instrument!  
  • Pedals. Take your tone to the next level by adding to your pedal collection. We carry Boss Digital Delay, Electro Harmonix Looper, Cry Baby Wah and more. 

For Drummers

  • Stick Bags. Tired of losing loose sticks? Keep them together with a handy stick bag. 
  • Sticks. From basic wooden ones to flashy light-up Firestix.
  • Drum Stick Holders. Attach these handy devices to your drum hardware to keep your backup sticks easily within reach. 
  • Drum Keys. An indispensable tool for tuning and tightening drum heads. Makes a great stocking stuffer!  
  • Moon Gels. Easy-to-use sticky gels that dampen drums and cymbals. Helps eliminate harsh frequencies and improves tone. 
  • Deadringers. Stops ringing frequencies on snares and toms.  
  • Brushes. Experiment with new techniques by adding brushes to your array of drum tools.  

For Keyboardists and Vocalists

  • Microphone and Stand. Practice your mic technique and stage presence at home with a quality microphone and stand. A Shure SM58 is a durable dynamic microphone great for any live performance.
  • Amps. A small, portable amp is essential for any musician. We have a variety of brands and styles.  
  • Keyboard Stand. Is your keyboard still on the floor or coffee table? Improve your technique with a proper stand.  
  • Bench. Upgrade your bench to a comfy, cushioned one. 
  • Full-Size Keyboard with Weighted Keys. Still practicing on a unweighted keyboard? It’s time to upgrade to the real deal. Check out our staff recommendations for afforable, weighted keys digital pianos.  

For Any Musician

  • Headphones. Quality headphones are a must for any musician. 
  • Earplugs. Cheap foam ones won’t protect your hearing. Every musician needs a quality pair of earplugs – and more than likely, they’ll want a backup set.  
  • Music Stand. A quality music stand is a great, long-lasting gift for musicians of any kind. We highly recommend this classic, easy-to-adjust stand.  

Give the Gift of Music with a Globalsound Gift Card

Can’t decide what to get? Then give the gift of music with a Globalsound Gift card! Our gift cards can be used for a month or two of lessons or for any of the items in our Globalsound Store