Tips for parents

The Benefits of Playing in a Band

Private lessons teach you a lot about an instrument. You’ll learn basic techniques, build a repertoire of songs – maybe even have a few recitals. Given all that private lessons teach you, why bother playing with other musicians?  Short answer: because it’s AWESOME! Long answer: Because nothing teaches you more about being a musician than […]

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Globalsound Holiday Gift Guide

Having trouble deciding what presents to get for the musician in your life? This holiday season, we’ve checked in with our teachers and compiled a list of great gifts for music students and music lovers alike. Our gift guide includes items from our own Globalsound store, and handy tools our teachers use at gigs and […]

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7 Tips To Help Your Child Practice At Home

To get the most from music lessons  at Globalsound, students should practice several times per week in between their lessons. Parents often ask us for advice on how to help their child practice effectively. Take a look at the ideas below, and implement them in your home: Make music practice part of your daily routine […]

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