What We Love About Globalsound Music School

Broomfield Music School ReviewWhat do we, as parents of a Globalsound student, LOVE about Globalsound Studio (in no particular order):

1. Endless opportunities! Our daughter started out in private piano/keyboard lessons, enrolled in vocal lessons, has played solo showcases, joined the Academy of Rock and is now in an all-girl band of 10 – 13 year olds who perform throughout the Denver-Metro area – just like a real rock band

2. Personal development! Our daughter has developed so much more confidence in herself through lessons and performances. She’s learned to control her stress and overcome nervousness as she performs in front of hundreds of people.

3. Musical education! She’s learned to read music and to listen and play by ear! She’s learning the difference between her head voice and her chest voice. She’s learning to sing and play the piano/keyboard with emotion!

4. Professional music instructors! Her instructors understand her strengths and weaknesses; challenge her; insist she practices; and encourage her to step out of her comfort zone! All the instruction is tailored to her individual needs and musical preference and all styles of music are taught! Our daughter has performed everything from Beethoven to Katy Perry to AC/DC!

5. Community Involvement! Globalsound supports our school though a partnership with the PTO! They DJ dances, have the Academy of Rock Bands play at special events, and donate goods and services for fundraisers!

6. Family owned and operated! The owner, Lydia Fiore, and her two sons are incredible! Lydia has always been available to discuss our daughter’s wants and needs. She worked directly with us and the instructors to figure out what was best for our daughter to get the most out of her vocal/keys lessons!

7. Performance hall! I love that they have the large party hall, dance floor and stage. It’s a great area for the student showcases, parties and more.

8. Fun and Engaging Lessons! The lessons are fun and engaging and not the boring, old-school lessons I had! She is always excited to go to lessons and to return home to show us what she learned.

9. Real results! Our daughter has learned so much over the last few years we have had her enrolled at Globalsound. She’s set and achieved goals and has learned and grown as a musician!

Kari B