2020 is finally drawing to a close. It’s been a challenging year for everyone but we’ve kept the music going through these difficult times. Globalsound Studio is growing and going strong thanks to the dedication of our students, families, teachers and staff.

One year ago, few of our teachers had taught virtual lessons. Now they’ve become seasoned pros at creating effective and engaging virtual lessons for our students. Thank you to our teachers for everything you do for our students.

Our front office staff has put in a tremendous amount of effort to keep lessons and band practices running smoothly. We wouldn’t be here without your hard work and dedication!

Finally, we want to thank our students and families for their support throughout this year. You are the ones who kept our musical community going! We are so thankful for your continued participation in our bands, showcases, and lessons throughout the year.

2021 is just around the corner and we’re excited about what the next year will bring. We have many performances and events planned throughout the coming year. As always, we are monitoring the state and county COVID safety recommendations and will adjust our calendar and curriculum accordingly.

We’re looking forward to keeping the music going with the support of our team and our students and families. Thanks for everything you do!

-The Globalsound Family