School is finally out for the summer! It’s that blissful time of year when kids say goodbye to structured routines and spend their days playing outside in the sun.

At least….it used to be that way. Summer schedules have grown more hectic than ever these days. There’s vacations, camps, family events and reunions, travel….summer can end up being as busy as the school year!

Given how full summer schedules can be, parents often consider taking a break from their child’s regular music lessons.

We, however, think summer is the best time for kids to progress their musical talents, explore something new, and learn on a fun and flexible schedule.

Summer Students Get A Leg Up on their Progress

Ask any music teacher – the students that continue lessons year-round make the most progress.

Taking your child out of summer lessons means that they’ll have to play catch-up once they return in the fall. Hard-won techniques, breakthroughs in sight-reading ability or rhythm reading, and creative inspiration can go by the wayside during an extended break from lessons. Basic concepts often need to be re-learned – a sure-fire way to make lessons a bit dull and repetitive.

Staying in music lessons means that your child will continually build on the knowledge they’ve already acquired. They’ll progress faster and smoother and won’t have to spend time reviewing concepts they’ve already covered.

Less Competition From Schoolwork Means Greater Focus

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During the school year, music practice can end up taking a backseat to homework, tests, sports and other activities. Without the weekly grind of schoolwork, students have more mental energy to spend mastering new techniques on their instrument. The relaxed pace of summer makes for more attentive and engaged students.

Sure, summer schedules may seem as crazy as the school year. However, kids still have less formal obligations and pressure to perform than they do during the school year. A lightened load frees up more time and energy to spend on creative pursuits – like music!

Summer is a Great Time to Try New Things

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Has your student been interested in trying out a new instrument? Maybe they want to add voice training to their guitar lessons or vice versa. Perhaps they want to learn a few jazz piano tunes instead of the usual rock or classical. Or maybe they want to join one of our summer camps and see what it’s like to  perform with a group and record in a music studio! 

Summer is a great time to try something new and fun. The flexibility of summer allows for exploration and experimentation. Three months is the perfect amount of time to set a goal and see it through.  

Greater Flexibility for Scheduling Lessons and Makeups

Summer is the easiest time for our teachers to take on new students or schedule makeup lessons. Many of our teachers offer to extend their usual hours so they can teach in the late morning or early afternoon. Lessons times that would have been impossible to accommodate during the school year are conveniently available during the summer.

Many students that go out of town for weeks (or even months) during summer choose to keep their lesson time reserved and schedule makeup lessons when they return. The flexible nature of summer hours offers lots of possibilities. Keeping your child’s lesson time reserved makes scheduling much, much easier come fall – plus, committing to makeup missed lessons helps avoid 

It’s Hot Outside! Music is a Fun Indoor Activity

Have we mentioned – it gets pretty hot in the summer.

Beat the heat by spending some time indoors practicing the arts! Sure, summer is great for outdoor pursuits. But during the dog days when the heat is a bit too much, it’s nice to have something engaging and fun to do indoors. 

It’s not too late to sign up for music lessons or our summer rock and singing camps! Click here to learn more about what Globalsound Studio has to offer during the summer.